"I appreciate the various trainings you provided us on Multidisciplinary
Team (MDT) response to child abuse reports. When you facilitated an
Investigator Team Retreat, you recommended that we consider a
different model for conducting forensic interviews of children. We are
now training police and CPS workers as forensic interviewers. In
addition we have contracts with consultants for children ages 5 years
and under and children with special needs. You spoke about the more
widely used model of having in-house forensic interviewers who are
employed by the Center. During this past Legislative session, I
requested a new full time Forensic Interview Specialist position be
included in our budget. That position was approved.

During your training here, there was significant interest by partner
agencies in having the Center provide increased MDT services. I
requested a new full time Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator (Social
Worker) in our budget request. That position was approved.

Thank you for helping us enhance our response to child abuse cases
by sharing your national perspective."

                                                                             Executive Director  
"Excellent.  Detective Johnson is always an engaging speaker who
takes on the hard issues and is not afraid to air the problems."

                                                                                             Huntsville Symposium
                                                                                             Huntsville, Alabama
"Detective Johnson is known for 'cutting through the crap'  and
getting to the heart of the situation.  I enjoyed this candid discussion."

                                                                                                Huntsville Symposium                                     
                                                                                                Huntsville, Alabama
Mike is passionate and committed to protecting our children from
sex offenders.  His advice in the [last] legislative session was
important in helping me pass “Ashley’s Laws.”  If you have children,
or are responsible for their supervision, I would strongly recommend
that you hear what Mike has to say.

                                                                                             Senator Florence Shapiro
                                                                                             Texas District 8
                                                                                              Plano, Texas
“Mike Johnson is the BEST child abuse instructor I have ever seen.  
His presentation is energetic, informative, and most important -
applicable immediately to the patrol officer, the investigator and the
prosecutor.  I highly recommend Mike Johnson be considered as a
primary instructor in any child abuse instruction.”

                                                                             Raymond E. George
                                                                             Chief Assistant District Attorney
                                                                             Dawson and Hall Counties, Georgia
"All speakers should have the qualities that Det. Johnson uses to do
this training.  Very interactive; fun."

                                            Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
                                             Little Rock, Arkansas
"I liked how you involved your audience in describing the ineffective
process compared to involving MDTs.  Excellent presentation!"

                                             Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect                                    
                                              Little Rock, Arkansas
"I've watched you do cartwheels (literally!) to gain a child's trust.  
You've challenged many a caseworker and therapist to change their
views and, most of all, you've trained thousands of others to be
simultaneously thorough and compassionate.  I can't even begin to
imagine the world without the gifts that you have brought to it.  So
many children will lead healthy and productive lives because of you."

                                                                           Jamie Caperton
                                                                           Friend and Former Executive Director  
                                                                           Collin County Children's Advocacy Center